Neftyanaya Provintsiya
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Neftyanaya provintsiya No. 4(36), 2023

Applicability of roller cone bits for drilling through interbedded rocks

K.R. Valyamov, G.G. Ishbayev


The efficiency of well construction is largely determined by the efficiency of the rock-breaking tool, the resource of which largely depends on the mining and geological conditions in the intervals of its use. The service life of a drilling tool largely depends on the conditions of its use. Despite the widespread use of PDC bits, in certain conditions of drilling wells, it is effective to use ball bits. The proposed improvements, methods of exploitation, make it possible to achieve a high mechanical penetration rate.

Key words:

BURINTEKH R&D Company, oil, gas, drilling, roller cone bit, rock-cutting tool, drilling practice, axial load, rate of penetration


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K.R. Valyamov, drill bit designer, BURINTEKH R&D Company
4/1, Yubileynaya st., Ufa, 450029, Russian Federation

G.G. Ishbaev, Dr.Sc, Professor, Director General of BURINTEX R&D Company
4/1, Yubileynaya st., Ufa, 450029, Russian Federation

For citation:

K.R. Valyamov, G.G. Ishbayev Aktual'nost' adaptatsii primeneniya sharoshechnykh dolot pri burenii v pereslaivayushchikhsya gornykh porodakh [Applicability of roller cone bits for drilling through interbedded rocks]. Neftyanaya Provintsiya, No. 4(36), 2023. pp. 359-368. 

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