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Neftyanaya provintsiya No. 4(36), 2023

Methorological characteristics of the method for determining oil in industry wastewater

D.A. Miftahutdinov, R.G. Romanova, A.R Sadriev


The paper presents the results of experimental tests of a method for determining oil in industrial wastewater using a three-component solvent consisting of n-hexane, isooctane and xylene as an extractant. In order to determine the metrological characteristics of the method, an analysis of the causes of uncertainty was carried out. Taking into account the results of the analysis and the requirements of RMG 61-2010, a program has been developed that establishes the procedure, organization and scope of research for assessing accuracy indicators. In preparation for the measurements, an analysis of the initial data was carried out, the conditions for performing the measurements were selected, the measuring instrument (model solutions), the measurement result of which was used as the accepted reference value. A series of tests was carried out to determine the optical density of model solutions using the photocolorimetric method (12 results, 4 measurements in three laboratories) at two points in each measurement range, followed by calculation of the mass concentration of oil. As a result of assessing the accuracy indicators during certification of the measurement technique, the values of the reproducibility limit and the expanded uncertainty of the measurement result were established.

Key words:

oil in water, analysis, extraction, organic solvents, photocolorimetry method, metrological characteristics, standard and expanded uncertainty


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D.A. Miftahutdinov, Lead Engineer of the Oil and Petroleum Products Testing Laboratory of JS «VNIIUS»
35 A, N. Ershova st., Kazan, 420061, Russian Federation

R. G. Romanova, candidate of chemical Sciences, associate Professor of the Department of Analytical Chemistry, Certification and Quality Managemen of KNRTU
68, K. Marksa st., Kazan, 420015, Russian Federation

A.R. Sadriev, Ph.D. in Engineering, Head of the Oil Custody Transfer Center, Tatneft-Dobycha SD
75, Lenin st., Almetyevsk, 423450, Russian Federation

For citation:

D.A. Miftahutdinov, R.G. Romanova, A.R Sadriev Metorologicheskiye kharakteristiki metoda opredeleniya nefti v promyslovykh stochnykh vodakh [Methorological characteristics of the method for determining oil in industry wastewater]. Neftyanaya Provintsiya, No. 4(36), 2023. pp. 347-358. 

DOI EDN XFCQWW (in Russian)

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