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Neftyanaya provintsiya No. 4(36), 2023

Energy efficiency assessment of “formation-wells-gas collecting system” natural gas production system

A.N. Kharitonov


Energy conservation and efficiency increase of its utilization are key tasks for oil and gas production enterprises. This paper presents several approaches to energy efficiency assessment of gas production process in “formation-wells-gas collecting system” chain. It proposes energy efficiency measure which is based on the quantity of specific gas production at the field per reservoir energy cost unit. This paper also includes correlations for calculation of absolute, standardized and relative interpretations of abovementioned measure as well as review of factors influencing their value.
In order to analyze the reasons for changes in energy efficiency this paper proposes three-level control methodology which includes calculation of hydraulic pressure losses for whole “formation-wells-GCS” system first and then for its individual elements (formation, wells, chokes) ending with each well. This approach allows to identify first flawed elements of the system and then wells which negatively affect energy efficiency.
The methodology was used at the Beregovoye and Kharampurskoye fields (Cenomanian) and the results of its practical evaluation generally confirm its efficiency.

Key words:

energy efficiency, energy, productive formation, gas collecting system, booster pumping station, complex gas processing plant, integrated model, specific gas production, reservoir pressure, hydraulic pressure losses, pressure drawdown, optimization of well operation, declining production


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A.N. Kharitonov, PhD, Chief Examiner, Office of Scientific and Technical Development, Tyumen Petroleum Research Center LLC
79/1, Osipenko st., Tyumen, 625002, Russian Federation

For citation:

A.N. Kharitonov Otsenka energoeffektivnosti sistemy dobychi prirodnogo gaza «plast-skvazhiny-gazosbornaya set'» [Energy efficiency assessment of “formation-wells-gas collecting system” natural gas production system]. Neftyanaya Provintsiya, No. 4(36), 2023. pp. 208-225. 

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