Neftyanaya Provintsiya
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Neftyanaya provintsiya No. 4(36), 2023

Possibilities of well stock management based on cost-benefit assessment using the example of one of large fields

M.N. Ufimtseva


This paper presents possibilities to optimize existing operations on marginal well stock in order to stabilize production and profits from mature fields.
Shut down of marginal wells is significant to resources saving and production optimization. It allows to focus efforts and resources on more productive wells. Emergence of subeconomic and marginal wells can be attributed to various reasons including low productivity and high operation costs. Moreover, shut down of marginal wells could be necessary not only due to economic reasons but to legal reasons as well.

Key words:

well stock, oil, gas and condensate field, marginal well, subeconomic well, well shut down, oil and gas reservoirs, stabilization of production, stock of marginal wells


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M.N. Ufimtseva, Chief Specialist, Tyumen Petroleum Research Center LLC
79/1, Osipenko st., Tyumen, 625002, Russian Federation

For citation:

M.N. Ufimtseva Vozmozhnosti upravleniya fondom skvazhin na osnove otsenki rentabel'nosti na primere odnogo iz krupnykh mestorozhdeniy [Possibilities of well stock management based on cost-benefit assessment using the example of one of large fields]. Neftyanaya Provintsiya, 

No. 4(36), 2023. pp.141-152. DOI EDN LQLLUB (in Russian)

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