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Neftyanaya provintsiya No. 1(37), 2024

Pressure transient testing of hydraulically fractured horizontal wells

E.F. Gilfanov, T.K. Apasov


One of the most important factors affecting the oil and gas industry as the main means of increasing production from wells is hydraulic fracturing (FRACKING). It is important for successful hydraulic fracturing to conduct calibration tests of the formation and accurate calculation of filtration parameters of the development object. During the development of low-permeable reservoirs, hydraulic fracturing has become widespread. For some reasons, hydrodynamic studies of wells (GDIS) are not carried out during development and the information on the filtration properties of the formation becomes distorted after long-term operation of the well. The missing data on the filtration properties of the formation, the permeability coefficient, can be found out from the data of the formation test conducted during hydraulic fracturing. At the same time, a significant amount of data remains unclaimed during hydraulic fracturing tests
For the analysis of calibration tests, the pressure drop curve (efficiency) and the complementary analysis tool G-function are investigated. In this paper, it is proposed to use the interpretation of the G-function as additional information when interpreting the results of hydro-dynamic well studies (GDIS), the pressure recovery curve (KVD) and efficiency.

Key words:

fractured horizontal wells, hydrodynamic methods of well testing, drop curve, pressure build-up (efficiency, pressure build-up), G-function


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E.F. Gilfanov, chief specialist, LUKOIL-Engineering Limited KogalymNIPIneft Branch Office in Tyumen
41, Republic st., Tyumen, 625000, Russian Federation

T.K. Apasov, Associate Professor of the Department of RANGM, Tyumen Industrial University
38, Volodarsky st., Tyumen, 625000, Russian Federation

For citation:

E.F. Gilfanov, T.K. Apasov Issledovaniye gorizontal'nykh skvazhin s treshchinami gidravlicheskogo razryva plasta metodami neustanovivsheysya fil'tratsii [Pressure transient testing of hydraulically fractured horizontal wells]. Neftyanaya Provintsiya, No. 1(37), 2024. pp. 74-88. 

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