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Neftyanaya provintsiya No. 1(37), 2024

Estimation of the colmatation negative impact and the penetration depth of the washing liquid leachate on the well productivity

A.A. Singurov


During drilling and major repairs of wells in oil and gas fields, the productivity of the well decreases. It is known that the productivity of a well in the bottom-hole formation zone (BHFZ) decreases due to the negative influence of the filtrate and the solid phase of the drilling mud, incomplete perforation of the entire productive part of the formation.
The article discusses various factors that significantly affect the permeability of the BHFZ during its secondary opening, which is relevant at the final stage of field development. Recommendations are given to improve the efficiency of drilling and drilling operations technology in various geological and technical conditions of field operation.
Based on the conducted research, the areas of effective application of secondary opening of a productive reservoir at the final stage of field development have been identified.
In the presence of plantar water, it is necessary to open only part of the formation, while ensuring almost maximum, anhydrous productivity of wells and minimal risk of a breakthrough of the cone of plantar water to them. One of the ways to preserve reservoir properties during long-term downtime of the well is the use of liquids without a solid phase and perforation during depression to the BHFZ of the productive formation.

Key words:

well productivity, opening of a productive reservoir, penetration of filtered flushing liquid into the reservoir, perforation, hydrodynamic perfection of wells


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A.A. Singurov, PhD, Chief Engineering Officer RusChemAlliance LLC
2 bldg., 1 block, 12, Shkiperskiy Protok, 199106, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

For citation:

A.A. Singurov Otsenka otritsatel'nogo vliyaniya kol'matatsii i glubiny proniknoveniya fil'trata promyvochnoy zhid-kosti na produktivnost' skvazhiny [Estimation of the colmatation negative impact and the penetration depth of the washing liquid leachate on the well productivity]. Neftyanaya Provintsiya, No. 1(37), 2024. pp. 229-239. DOI EDN VQERJQ (in Russian)

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