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Neftyanaya provintsiya No. 2(34), 2023

Validation the lengths of the wellbores for multistage fracturing well 

V.F. Pyzykov, S.K. Sоhоshko


Currently, horizontal wells with multi-wellbores and multi-holes are becoming widespread. At the same time, there are problems associated with determining the lengths of such wells. The article considers the well, which exploits two formation. The well has two horizontal wellbores, one of them with the multistage fracturing and the other has liner-filter. The construction of the well does not have packer for independent production recovery from the two formation. We have a question of how to achieve proportional fluid recovery, which, in turn, puts the task of determining the lengths of the wellbores, the number of fractures and parameters of fractures. An equation relating the parameters of both wellbores it is obtained from the condition of equality production rates of resources of both wellbores. By varying the lengths of the wellbores, the number of fractures it is possible to achieve equality the rates of recovery current reserves in the drainage zones of both layers. The article gives the methods of calculating the specified parameters of the wellbores on the example of a specific well.  

Key words:

horizontal dual-wellbores well, proportional fluid recovery, multistage fracturing, liner-filter, the rates of recovery oil, Kogalymskoe oilfield


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V.F. Pyzykov, engineer, LLC «LUKOIL-Engineering»
19, Central st., Kogalym, 628481, Russian Federation

S.K. Sohoshko, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Tyumen Industrial University, Department of development and operation of Oil and Gas Fields
70, Melnikaite st., Tyumen, 625000, Russian Federation

For citation:

V.F. Pyzykov, S.K. Sоhоshko Obosnovaniye dlin stvolov dvustvol'noy skvazhiny s mnogostadiynym gidravlicheskim razryvom plasta [Validation the lengths of the wellbores for multistage fracturing well]. Neftyanaya Provintsiya, No. 2(34), 2023. pp. 116-129. DOI EDN LKOXFE (in Russian)

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