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Neftyanaya provintsiya No. 2(34), 2023

Jurassic terrigenous deposits of the Buchara-Khiva region – a reserve of exploration in oil and gas 

T.Kh. Shoimurotov, Sh.A. Umarov, I.N. Khakimzyanov, Sh.O. Gafurov


The article discusses the geological and geophysical prerequisites for the oil and gas potential of the Jurassic terrigenous deposits of the Bukhara-Khiva oil and gas region. Lithological and stratigraphic subdivision of terrigenous formation deposits, facies conditions of sedimentation along the section and space, as well as the nature of the distribution of capacities and the placement of productive horizons. Zones of development of channel sand deposits with good reservoir properties were found, and areas were identified where the presence of traps associated with anticlinal structures, as well as the wedging out of individual horizons with sand bars , was identified .
Based on the analysis and generalization of the results of geological-geophysical, lithofacies and hydrogeological studies within the study area, areas were identified that are most characteristic in terms of hydrocarbon accumulation in various traps associated with tectonic and lithological screens - favorable zones for the accumulation and preservation of hydrocarbons -deposits.
In conclusion, the relevant conclusions are given with an assessment of the prospects for the oil and gas potential of the Jurassic terrigenous deposits of the study area and specific recommendations are given for further prospecting and exploration.  

Key words:

terrigenous formation, region, trough, area, structure, section, well, horizon, trap, hydrocarbon, deposits, reservoir, migration 


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T.Kh. Shoimurotov, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Chief Scientific Adviser State Institution "IGIRNIGM" of the State Committee for Geology RUz
64, Olimlar st., Tashkent, 100069, Uzbekistan
E-mail: , tuychi@ ing. uz

Sh.A. Umarov, Candidate of Technical Sciences, head of the department of the Navoi branch of the Academy of Sciences RUz
170, Galaba st., Navoi, 210100, Uzbekistan

I.N. Khakimzyanov, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Laboratory of the Oil Field Development Department TatNIPIneft Institute – PJSC TATNEFT; Professor at the Department of Oil and Gas Field Exploration and Development Ufa State Petroleum Technological University, Branch of the University in the City of Oktyabrsky
40, Musa Jalil st., Bugulma, 423236, Russian Federation

Sh.O. Gafurov, assistant of the department "Oil and gas geology" of the Tashkent State Technical University
114, Shota Rustaveli st., Tashkent, 100059, Uzbekistan

For citation:

T.Kh. Shoimurotov, Sh.A. Umarov, I.N. Khakimzyanov, Sh.O. Gafurov Yurskiye terrigennyye otlozheniya Bukharo-Khivinskogo neftegazonosnogo regiona – rezerv poiska nefti i gaza [Jurassic terrigenous deposits of the Buchara-Khiva region – a reserve of exploration in oil and gas]. Neftyanaya Provintsiya, No. 2(34), 2023. pp. 1-20. DOI EDN BRXWGH (in Russian)

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