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Neftyanaya provintsiya No. 1(33), 2023

Monitoring of the generation the effect of screenout in the wells of the A. Usoltsev oilfield

V.F.Pyzykov, S.K. Sohoshko


Tricky growth of crack during the hydraulic fracturing process predetermines technological complications in terms of proppant placement. One of the consequences may be the generation the effect of screenout at the end of the crack. In the process of this generation, the injection can be continued for some time with the accompanying early the proppant fallout and the crack propagation stopping. The practice of artificial application of this process is widespread, when the crack growth is specially stopped. By increasing the crack width, the conductivity increases.

Key words:

instantaneous shut-in pressure, the effect of screenout, dimensionless fracture conductivity


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V.F. Pyzykov, engineer of the first category of the department of engineering support of hydraulic fracturing. LLC «LUKOIL-Engineering»
19, Central st., Kogalym, 628481, Russian Federation

S.K. Sohoshko, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Tyumen Industrial University, Department of development and operation of Oil and Gas Fields
70, Melnikaite st., Tyumen, 625000, Russian Federation

For citation:

V.F.Pyzykov, S.K. Sohoshko Otslezhivaniye effekta obrazovaniya povyshennoy upakovki treshchiny v skvazhinakh mestorozhdeniya imeni A. Usol'tseva [Monitoring of the generation the effect of screenout in the wells of the A. Usoltsev oilfield]. Neftyanaya Provintsiya, No. 1(33), 2023. 

pp. 58-71. DOI EDN SBDUOW (in Russian)

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