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Neftyanaya provintsiya No. 1(33), 2023

Physico-chemical structure of technological polymer-gel liquids for blocking a productive reservoir in conditions of abnormally low reservoir pressures

Singurov A.A.


When carrying out major repairs of wells (CATTLE) with preliminary damping of the well, the main factor affecting the final result of the repair is the choice of jamming fluid and flushing fluid. It has been established that the work on washing the sand-clay plug (PGP) with silencing of the productive formation requires the use of liquids that have the ability to temporarily block the bottom-hole zone of the productive formation (PZP). Foam systems with various fillers that have clogging and crust-forming properties meet these requirements most fully. Of the numerous fillers tested during exploratory studies, only fillers of plant origin make it possible to obtain a foam system that can withstand significant pressure drops on the formation, and is capable of easily removing from the formation at low depressions (0.1 – 0.5 MPa) and maintaining its original permeability. After conducting a large number of laboratory studies, the author developed a new filler based on tree bark. A non-freezing foaming liquid (NPOJ), which has found wide application in the fields of Western Siberia, was chosen as the carrier fluid.
Bench tests on an experimental installation to determine the clogging properties showed that the blocking liquid with the filler developed by the author withstands a 1.5-2 times greater pressure drop than a similar liquid with a filler "Polycell-CF". Based on the results of bench tests, the author proposed the formulation of a new filler and made an experimental batch for conducting OPI. The results of pilot tests at the wells of Noyabrskgazdobycha LLC showed that the use of NDK-LX filler in the foam system to block the productive reservoir during repair and restoration work (RVR) allows:
- reliably isolate the productive horizon from the borehole for the duration of repair work;
- to prevent the penetration of process fluids into the reservoir during repair work;
- to preserve the natural permeability of the PP;
- to reduce the time of well development and the cost of repair work.

Key words:

polymer-gel systems, process fluids, well silencing fluids, synthetic polymers, natural polymers, lignosulfonates, bottom-hole formation zone


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A.A. Singurov, PhD (candidate of technical sciences), Deputy Production Director – LNG/OET/TLU Assets Manager of Production Directorate od Sakhalin Energy project, Limited Liability Company “Gazprom Personnel” (LLC GAZPROM PERSONNEL)
16, Nametkina st., Moscow, 117420, Russian Federation

For citation:

Singurov A.A. Fiziko-khimicheskaya struktura tekhnologicheskikh polimer-gelevykh zhidkostey dlya blokirovaniya produktivnogo plasta v usloviyakh ANPD [Physico-chemical structure of technological polymer-gel liquids for blocking a productive reservoir in conditions of abnormally low reservoir pressures]. Neftyanaya Provintsiya, No. 1(33), 2023. pp. 197-208. DOI EDN KKSKTT (in Russian)

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