Neftyanaya Provintsiya
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Neftyanaya provintsiya No.3(31),2022

Express method for calculating the flow rate of annular gas
V.N. Kalinnikov


This article is devoted to the method of calculating the annular gas flow rate, taking into account the dependence of the flow rate on the pressure in the annulus. The article describes the assumptions made in the methodology, as well as their impact on the overall calculation error. A confirmation of the reliability of the method was obtained using direct measurement of the flow rate by a gas meter.

Key words:

calculation of annular gas flow rate; reduction of annular gas pressure; annular pressure; consumption of associated petroleum gas from the annular fields of production wells


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V.N. Kalinnikov, senior field development planning specialist, field development department, Tatneft-Dobycha, PJSC TATNEFT
75, Lenin st., Almetyevsk, 423450, Russian Federation

For citation:

V.N. Kalinnikov Jekspress-metodika raschjota rashoda zatrubnogo neftjanogo gaza [Express method for calculating the flow rate of annular gas]. Neftyanaya Provintsiya, No. 3(31), 2022. pp. 179-187. DOI EDN SWYKYR (in Russian)

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