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Neftyanaya provintsiya No.3(31),2022

Modeling the mechanical properties of the geological environment to create am optimal hydraulic fracture

M.A. Yamkin, E.U. Safiullina


Currently, the development of oil and gas fields is often carried out in geological conditions with increased complexity. To increase oil recovery and intensify the flow of oil from oil and gas fields, hydraulic fracturing is most often used. At the same time, in order to obtain the good oil inflow and prevent increased water cut, it is necessary to create a fracture of the required parameters during hydraulic fracturing.
This paper presents the results of hydraulic fracturing modeling using a computer program developed by the authors. In the course of the work, modeling of the dimensions of the fracture was performed for the Vyngapurovskoye field and subsequent verification of the stability of this fracture under the conditions of the rock under consideration using the Griffith theory of strength, as well as modeling the oil inflow from this fracture and calculating the flow rate after the hydraulic fracturing operation.
In result of the studies, it was found that the developed program allows you to evaluate the stability of fractures in the reservoir. In this case, the convergence of the obtained results with the literature data is 98,65%. This confirms the correctness of the developed program and indicates the possibility of using the developed program in practical activities by oil and gas companies.

Key words:

Vyngapurovskoye field, fracture intensity factor, hydraulic fractures, rock stresses, oil inflow modeling, fracture propagation modeling, force criterion of destruction, skin factor, rock pressure, water cut


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M.A. Yamkin, student, St. Petersburg Mining University
2, 21st Line, Vasilievsky Island, St Petersburg, 199106, Russian Federation

E.U. Safiullina, Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences, St. Petersburg Mining University
2, 21st Line, Vasilievsky Island, St Petersburg, 199106, Russian Federation

For citation:

M.A. Yamkin, E.U. Safiullina Modelirovanie mehanicheskih svojstv geologicheskoj sredy dlja sozdanija optimal'noj treshhiny gidrorazryva plasta [Modeling the mechanical properties of the geological environment to create am optimal hydraulic fracture]. Neftyanaya Provintsiya, No. 3(31), 2022. pp. 104-118. DOI EDN GAVZWE (in Russian)

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