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Neftyanaya provintsiya No.3(27),2021

Evaluation of rock failure induced by steam injection

A.T. Zaripov, I.A. Islamov


The paper presents the steps for running a geomechanical model for steam injection modeling. Two types of rock integrity failure are analyzed: tensile and shear failure. In the present case, shear failure of cap rock occurs after 40 months of steam injection. Such failures should be taken into account in subsequent reservoir simulation modeling through coupling the geomechanical and reservoir simulation models.

    Key words:

    maximum steam injection pressure, rock damage, thermal-hydraulic-mechanical model, land surface displacement, shear failure, tensile failure


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    A.T. Zaripov, Dr.Sc., First Deputy Director, TatNIPIneft Institute – PJSC TATNEFT
    32, Musa Jalil st., Bugulma, 423236, Russian Federation

    I.A. Islamov, Lead Engineer, TatNIPIneft Institute – PJSC TATNEFT
    32, Musa Jalil st., Bugulma, 423236, Russian Federation

    For citation:

    A.T. Zaripov, I.A. Islamov Ocenka narushenija celostnosti porody pri zakachke para [Evaluation of rock failure induced by steam injection]. Neftyanaya Provintsiya, No. 3(27), 2021. pp. 112-127. DOI (in Russian)

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