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Neftyanaya provintsiya No.2(26),2021

Determination of maximum horizontal stress for terrigenous reservoirs of the Romashkinskoye field

I.I. Girfanov


The in-situ stress state of rock mass is described via three principal stresses; particularly, the vertical overburden stress and minimum and maximum horizontal stresses. Determination of maximum horizontal stress which is the intermediate between minimum horizontal stress and vertical overburden stress is the most challenging. Available methods to determine the magnitude of maximum horizontal stress are not always applicable due to deficiency of initial data required for estimates. For example, expensive open hole tests are often eliminated. Even when conducted, these tests do not always yield appropriate results. The paper considers the applicability of existing methods for estimation of maximum horizontal stress. Methods for estimation of maximum horizontal stress based on available data on vertical overburden stress, minimum horizontal stress and Poisson's ratio are proposed. Thus far, a systematic assessment of maximum effective horizontal stresses has never been made and no methods of stress determination have been developed for the conditions of the Romashkinskoye field.

    Key words:

    maximum horizontal stress, methods for estimation of horizontal stress, stress state, minimum horizontal stress, Poisson ratio, horizontal stress ratio, normal faulting regime, stress contrast, Romashkinskoye field


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    I.I. Girfanov, Junior Research Engineer, Core Analysis, PVT and Well Testing Department, TatNIPIneft Institute–PJSC TATNEFT
    32, Musa Jalil st., Bugulma, 423236, Russian Federation

    For citation:

    I.I. Girfanov Opredelenie velichiny maksimal'nogo gorizontal'nogo naprjazhenija dlja terrigennyh kollektorov Romashkinskogo mestorozhdenija [Determination of maximum horizontal stress for terrigenous reservoirs of the Romashkinskoye field]. Neftyanaya Provintsiya, No. 2(26), 2021. pp. 31-42. DOI (in Russian)

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