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Neftyanaya provintsiya No.2(26),2021

Technical devices with application of water-swellable compositions

А.R. Iskhakov, I.М. Zaripov


To date, the technology of selective well completion has gained wide international acceptance. It provides for application of swellable packers, in which the sealing element is made of elastomer capable to increase in volume upon contact with formation fluids. The essential advantages of such packers include:

  • lack of moving parts in the design eliminates the need for special operations;
  • self-healing capabilities.

    In 2014, for the purposes of import substitution Tatneft’s specialists successfully accomplished the task of development and implementation of indigenous water-swellable packer for zonal isolation in horizontal hole section.

    Specialists of PJSC Kvart further improved the technology and created a water-swellable packer applicable for conditions of SAGD wells. Thermal water-swellable packer is installed on production casing accessories of steam injection wells as an additional barrier in case of cement leaks.

    The technology of selective zonal isolation in the cemented well interval using water-swellable compositions has been successfully implemented. In 2016, specialists from TatNIPIneft Institute developed a behind-casing self-sealing cup packer (a cup with water-swelling rubber), which allows to restrict the pressure of oil-well cement column and fluid loss into productive formation, protect the cement sheath from failure during perforation and prevent cross flows behind casing during cement sheath development.

    In the article, the authors propose several alternative technical solutions for application of water swellable compositions.

    Key words:

    casing accessories, swellable composition, well completion, swellable elastomer, zonal isolation


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    А.R. Iskhakov, Research Associate, Well Casing Laboratory, Well Drilling Department, TatNIPIneft Institute–PJSC TATNEFT
    64, Musa Jalil st., Bugulma, 423236, Russian Federation

    I.М. Zaripov, Research Associate, Well Casing Laboratory, Well Drilling Department, TatNIPIneft Institute–PJSC TATNEFT
    64, Musa Jalil st., Bugulma, 423236, Russian Federation

    For citation:

    А.R. Iskhakov, I.М. Zaripov Tehnicheskie ustrojstva s primeneniem vodonabuhajushhego sostava [Technical devices with application of water-swellable compositions]. Neftyanaya Provintsiya, No. 2(26), 2021. pp. 134-144. DOI (in Russian)

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