Neftyanaya Provintsiya
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Neftyanaya provintsiya No.1(25),2021

Portable solutions for pigging

V.S. Abramov, V.A. Yudakov


Portable pig launchers-receivers for infield pipelines of oil and gas producing companies are offered. The paper presents a concept of specialized vehicles for transportation of portable pig launchers. Advantages and disadvantages of portable pig launchers vs. stationary pig launcher-receiver traps are discussed. Applicable scope of portable pig launchers is offered. Economic efficiency of portable pig launchers was assessed.

    Key words:

    pig launchers-receivers, portable solutions in oil and gas industry, improvement of pipeline reliability


    Mukhametshin R.R., Andreev A. Mobilnye kamery ot AO “NT”: optimalno, prosto, progressivno [Mobile pig launchers-receivers from “NT” LLC – optimal, simple, progressive decision]. Oil and Gas Eurasia, No. 11-12, 2015. pp. 46-47 (in Russian/English)

    Yashin S.A., Yaryzhnov A.A., Morshinin V.V. Mobilnaya kamera puska/priema sredstv ochistki i diagnostiki dlya truboprovodov [Mobile pig launchers-receivers]. RF Patent No. 165 236 U1. Date of publ.: 25 Jan 2016 (in Russian)

    Portable Pig Launchers by iNPIPE Products Ltd. URL: (accessed: 22 Sept 2020)

    Federal rules and regulations on industrial safety “Rules for Safety in Oil and Gas Industry” (with amendments as of 12 Jan 2015) (in Russian)


    V.S. Abramov, Leading Engineer, Conceptual and Integrated Design Department, SamaraNIPIneft Ltd
    18, Vilonovskaya st., Samara, 443010, Russian Federation

    V.A. Yudakov, General Manager for Engineering – Group of Conceptual and Integrated Design Project Administration, SamaraNIPIneft Ltd
    18, Vilonovskaya st., Samara, 443010, Russian Federation

    For citation:

    V.S. Abramov, V.A. Yudakov Primenenie mobil'nyh reshenij dlja ochistki vnutrennej polosti truboprovodov [Portable solutions for pigging]. Neftyanaya Provintsiya, No. 1(25), 2021. pp. 182-188. DOI (in Russian)

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