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Neftyanaya provintsiya No.3(23),2020

Influence of collector deformations on the development of Western Siberia

E.S. Makarenkov


In the process of developing exploration and development of deposits, as well as in the process of developing the equilibrium state of rocks, it is not constant - it undergoes any changes all the time. The processes and phenomena that cause deformation of the earth's crust, its surface and mountain ranges at various stages of development of oil and gas fields are quite popular in world practice, especially in countries involved in the extraction of hydrocarbons and other minerals. The ranges and scales of manifestation of all kinds of deformation processes have rather wide boundaries: subsidence of the earth's plane is possible from a few millimeters to several tens of meters. This problem is relevant throughout Russia, especially in Western Siberia, where most of the country's fields are being developed.

This article presents the main causes and factors of the occurrence of rock deformation, methods of their determination, the tasks achieved by solving this problem. It also evaluates the baseline data for the validity of the studies.

As examples of the influence of reservoir deformations on the development of fields, calculations are given that were carried out in laboratory conditions on rock samples and cores from layers J1-1 - JV6 of the Khokhryakovskoye, Permyakovskoye and Koshilskoye fields. In particular, the dependences of the influence of stress and effective pressure on the rock on the reservoir properties, namely, the porosity and permeability of the rock, have been determined and built.

Research data shows that reservoir deformation should be actively studied and ways to reduce it should be sought. The solution to this problem is relevant in the formation and construction of development systems.

    Key words:

    deformation, rock reservoir, effective pressure, shear of rocks, permeability, saturated core.


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    E.S. Makarenkov, master, Perm national research polytechnic university
    29, Komsomolsky Prospekt, Perm, 614990, Russian Federation

    For citation:

    E.S. Makarenkov Vlijanie deformacij kollektora na razrabotku mestorozhdenij Zapadnoj Sibiri [Influence of collector deformations on the development of Western Siberia]. Neftyanaya Provintsiya, No. 3(23), 2020. pp.68-84. DOI (in Russian)

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