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Neftyanaya provintsiya No.2(22),2020


A.T. Gabdrakhmanov


The aim of the work is to assess the potential of oil and bitumen productivity of the analyzed deposits. Research was conducted on 13 core samples from various intervals of 4 wells. This paper presents the results of an analysis of the composition and properties of hydrocarbons extracted from the core of carbonate and adjoining deposits from an interval of 1631.2-1774.8 m. The analysis is based on the results of thermogravimetric, chromatographic and optical studies. The results were processed using the calculation of linear and rank correlation. A significant relationship is noted between the values of the parameters obtained as a result of chromatographic studies and laboratory studies to determine the composition of oil and the processes that occur in them when heated according to a given program, as well as between the results of chromatographic and optical studies. The analysis showed a significant contribution of light fractions of isoalkanes and light fractions of normal alkanes during thermal transformations, i.e. during storage, delivery to the laboratory and sample preparation, there was no significant loss of light components of the core material hydrocarbons. No correlation was found between optical and thermal methods, since these methods are aimed at identifying various stocks of organic material, which also require the application of various methods of exposure in their development. A detailed analysis of the samples revealing a noticeable mass loss during thermal exposure and low values of the light absorption coefficient makes it possible to identify rock samples with organic matter that is not converted to bitumoids. The results obtained make it possible to assess the applicability of both research methods and development systems with various technologies for influencing the bottom-hole zone and inter-well volume of the formation.

    Key words:

    thermogravimetry, spectrophotometry, chromatography, core, core oil, shale, dolomite, mudstone, limestone, rank correlation, linear correlation, Cheddock scale


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    A.T. Gabdrakhmanov, Ph.D., Associate Professor, State educational institution of higher professional education «Almetyevsk State Oil Institute»
    2, Lenin st., Almetyevsk, 423450, Russian Federation

    For citation:

    A.T. Gabdrakhmanov Analiz rezul'tatov issledovanij obrazcov kerna i kernovoj nefti s primeneniem statisticheskih metodov [Analysis of research results of core samples and core oil using statistical methods]. Neftyanaya Provintsiya, No. 2(22), 2020. pp.18-35. DOI (in Russian)

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