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Neftyanaya provintsiya No.4(20),2019


V.M. Loginovskikh, A.S. Zavorina, V.P. Pavlov, I.V. Borobyev


Erosion of metal in gas production and processing facilities can be caused by sand production, which takes place under certain well operation conditions. Determination of solids’ contribution to the gas facilities performance poses a serious technical challenge, so, studies related to erosion wear are very important. The problem is that as the gas flow velocity increases above the regulated value, the erosion wear increases insignificantly, while the allowed erosion rate is not achieved. Based on the results of calculations, an optimal operation mode can be determined when the allowable sand content in products is not specified. As the gas flow velocity increases, the erosion rate changes just slightly due to decrease of sand production and change of product parameters. At higher sand content, the erosion rate approximates the allowable level. Increase of gas flow velocity is not recommended in this case to prevent damage of gas lines. The recommended approach allows updating the technological throughput constraints considering specific characteristics of gas flow lines. To-date, the majority of gas fields have entered the closing stage of development involving numerous midstream problems related both to gas gathering and gas transportation to end users. The abrasive wear of gas gathering and processing facilities is one of the main reasons of walls’ thinning in gas flow lines and processing facilities, and of shaft seizure in compressors, leading to TBO decrease and affecting the overall economic performance.

    Key words:

    technological constraints, gas line, erosive wear, corrosion wear, solids, hydraulic calculation.


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    For citation:

    V.M. Loginovskikh, A.S. Zavorina, V.P. Pavlov, I.V. Borobyev Izuchenie tempov jerozionnogo iznosa gazoprovodov [Study of erosive wear rates]. Neftyanaya Provintsiya, No. 4(20), 2019. pp. 339-351. (in Russian)

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