Neftyanaya Provintsiya
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Neftyanaya provintsiya No.3(19),2019


Kashirskikh D.V., Cheskidov R.N., Vakhrusheva I.A.


The paper discusses the problem of planning of the workflow of laboratories involved in core analyses and PVT-studies. An approach to planning of laboratory equipment and man-loading based on the method of multiparametric optimization considering the probability distribution of activities and application of the Pareto principle of optimality is offered. The novelty of the offered planning approach consists in the capabilities of computeraided distribution of resources and making the job schedule in such a manner that any change of the operating procedures differing from the planned activities would extend the period of the whole volume of lab studies execution.

    Key words:

    distribution of resources, planning of activities, core analyses, PVT studies, Pareto, multiparametric optimization.


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    Kashirskikh D.V., LLC «Tyumen Petroleum Research Center», Tyumen, Russian Federation E-mail:

    Cheskidov R.N., LLC «Tyumen Petroleum Research Center», Tyumen, Russian Federation E-mail:

    Vakhrusheva I.A. LLC «Tyumen Petroleum Research Center», Tyumen, Russian Federation E-mail: 

    For citation:

    D.V. Kashirskikh, R.N. Cheskidov, I.A. Vakhrusheva Koncepcija avtomatizirovannogo planirovanija zagruzki laboratornogo oborudovanija i personala na platforme IS «RN-LAB» s cel'ju optimizacii proizvodstvennogo processa [Concept of computer-aided planning of lab equipment and man loading based on “rn-lab” is platform to optimize workflow]. Neftyanaya Provintsiya, No. 3(19), 2019. pp. 212-223. (in Russian)

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