Neftyanaya Provintsiya
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Neftyanaya provintsiya No.3(19),2019


Тaipova V.А., Filidi G.N., Gutorov U.A., Rakhmaev L.G.


The paper addresses one of the urgent oil production issues: extending the life of oil and gas production wells due to improved quality of casing cementing. This issue is very important because of poor technological and economic performance of squeeze cementing operations required to eliminate casing leaks and cross flows between beds, which commonly result from reservoir pressure changes and chemical corrosion of cement sheath behind the casing. Shortcomings of modern casing cementing technologies and inadequate cement slurry formulation aggravate these negative effects. The proposed solution to these problems relies on a well-proven method of vibration of oil well cement combined with well-established acoustic logging technology. For this purpose, the geological and technological package “Zaboy” was developed to integrate a vibrator module and acoustic cement bond logging module. Field testing of the “Zaboy” package has demonstrated slower water cut upturn in wells treated during waiting on cement for a long time (up to 14-15 years) compared to the rest of the wells, while maintaining initial productivity over a longer period of time. Moreover, integration of the effects of vibration with acoustic cement bond logging tool enabled monitoring of cement-to-formation bonding and selective treatment of individual intervals (caverns, low-permeable formations, etc.), this significantly improved the quality of cementing.

    Key words:

    cementing, vibration effect, waiting on cement (WOC), geological and technological package, acoustic well logging method.


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    Taipova V.A., PhD, Chief Geologist – Deputy Director for Research in Reservoir Engineering and IT Development, TatNIPIneft Institute – PJSC TATNEFT, Bugulma, Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation E-mail:
    Filidi G.N., Dr.Sc., Director of Research and Production Enterprise OOO NPP EGRIS, Oktyabrskiy, Republic of Bashkortostan, Russian Federation E-mail:

    Gutorov U.A., Dr.Sc, Head of Research and Analysis in Fuel and Energy Complex, Regional R&D center Neftyanaya Dolina, member of RANS, Oktyabrsky, Republic of Bashkortostan, Russian Federation E-mail:

    Rakhmaev L.G., Lead Specialist, Group for Geological Support of Well Construction Operations, Well Intervention Department, Geology and Technology Center NGDU Aznakaevskneft of PJSC TATNEFT, Aznakaevo, Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation E-mail:

    For citation:

    V.А. Тaipova, G.N. Filidi, U.A. Gutorov, L.G. Rakhmaev Sovremennye tehnologii povyshenija kachestva kreplenija obsadnyh kolonn neftegazovyh skvazhin na pozdnej stadii jekspluatacii neftjanyh ploshhadej romashkinskogo mestorozhdenija [State-of-the-art technologies improve the quality of casing cementing in oil and gas wells of the romashkinskoye field areas at late stages of development]. Neftyanaya Provintsiya, No. 3(19), 2019. pp. 156-168. (in Russian)

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