Neftyanaya Provintsiya
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Neftyanaya provintsiya No.3(19),2019


Zanochuyev S.A., Gromova E.A., Polyakov A.V.


Crude gas condensate is an essential refinery feedstock. Volume of produced condensate directly depends on current operation conditions in wells producing from gas condensate reservoirs. However, differences in reservoir fluid composition and properties within one development target cause uncertainties in hydrocarbon production planning. The paper reviews methods based on fluid coefficient analysis which are aimed at precise definition of condensate type. This will enable efficient planning of production volume and forecasting quality of condensate feedstock. The suggested method of condensate type identification allows more consistent estimation of C5+ reserves for the whole field.

    Key words:

    condensate, crude gas, gas condensate studies, fluid coefficient, C5+ potential reserves


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    Zanochuyev S.A., PhD, Head of Department, LLC «Tyumen Petroleum Research Center», Tyumen, Russian Federation E-mail:

    Gromova E.A., PhD, Expert, LLC «Tyumen Petroleum Research Center», Tyumen, Russian Federation E-mail:

    Polyakov A.V., Head of laboratory, LLC «Tyumen Petroleum Research Center», Tyumen, Russian Federation E-mail:

    For citation:

    S.A. Zanochuyev, E.A. Gromova, A.V. Polyakov Tipizacija kondensatov plastovogo gaza nizhnepokurskoj svity v predelah beregovogo mestorozhdenija s pomoshh'ju fljuidal'nyh kojefficientov [Identification of crude gas condensates based on fluid coefficients (beregovoye field)]. Neftyanaya Provintsiya, No. 3(19), 2019. pp. 102-114. (in Russian)

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