Neftyanaya Provintsiya
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Neftyanaya provintsiya No.2(14),2018


Radchenko Yu.A.


Research goal: - statement, theoretical and experimental justification of hypothesis on hydraulic fracturing process morphology in carbonate reservoirs; - development of a mathematical model for prediction of post-fracturing performance of hydraulically fractured wells; - designing a 3D hydraulic fracturing simulator based on the developed mathematical model. Problem statement: Deficiency of individual methods and computer-aided systems for prediction of hydraulic fracturing efficiency in carbonate reservoirs, lack of control over fracture pattern geometry development, related to high degree of structure uncertainty, result in critical production forecast errors; thus necessitating development of methods for proper evaluation of fracturing performance and associated risks. Scientific novelty: The present research effort relates to the system and method for prediction of well production rates after hydraulic fracturing treatments and involves: - fundamental hypothesis on hydraulic fracturing process morphology; - mathematical model relying on initial database, with final stage to be the estimation of post-fracturing well production rate; - hydraulic fracturing simulator designed for visualization and estimation of ultimate production due to fracturing. Practical importance: Once completed, the intended research efforts will provide means for prediction of post-fracturing production performance of wells and will improve the accuracy of forecast production estimates at high consistency of resultant values.

    Key words:

    reservoir simulation modeling, fracture network, hydraulic fracturing, production rate


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    Radchenko Yu.A., MEng, External PhD Student, Republic Unitary Enterprise Production Association Belorusneft, BelNIPIneft, Gomel, Republic of Belarus 

    For citation:

    Yu.A. Radchenko 3d vizualizacija prognozirovanija debita skvazhiny posle provedenija operacii grp [3D visualization of post-fracturing well production performance prediction]. Neftyanaya Provintsiya, No. 1(13), 2018. pp. 110-121. (in Russian)

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